Anytime you start a business you are going to spend money. You have to spend money to make money, right? Well, that’s not always the case. Here’s ways to start a grow farm for practically cost nothing! And if you’re frugal you can save tons of money over the life of your growing endeavor.

  1. Move to a piece of land that has a well. Well water will give your farm free water for life.
  2. Use seeds you already have from previously grown successful plants or clone good plants.
  3. Make sure the home on your property has solar panels. This will give you free electricity. This is especially true if you’re growing indoors.
  4. Pay your licensing and certification fees on time to avoid late fees and fines.
  5. Buy a security system. When it’s connected to the solar array it won’t cost a dime. It may help you find the neighbors stealing your plants. It may help you find rodents or wild animals destroying your fields. Make sure they have infrared and you’ll be able to track down what’s causing problems on your cannabis farm believe me. It will pay for itself.
  6. Lock everything up. You tool sheds and grow rooms should be locked. Have a gate and fence that’s locked with cameras from you security cameras monitoring your fence line day and night.